Grimsby Grows their Heritage Registry by 65%

Park Public School

Grimsby Grows their Heritage Registry by 65%  

On April 6, Grimsby Town Council unanimously approved the significant addition of heritage resources to the Municipal Heritage Register (Register) building on its commitment to heritage conservation.

The update to the Register is the largest addition of heritage resources since 2008 and represents an increase of 65%. Planning Staff, on their own initiative, brought forward a substantive document outlining a series of heritage resources that should be added to the Municipal Heritage Register. Some of the resources that are now protected include an ornate gothic farmhouse located at 252 Thirty Road, an well preserved church with strong Byzantine architectural details located at 103 Mountain Street, as well as one of the first pressed concrete houses in Grimsby located at 16 Robinson Street South, and a prominent Grimsby landmark known as Park Public School located at 217 Main Street East.

In this historic move, combined with a series of other critical heritage initiatives, Planning Staff is putting in place key measures to protect heritage resources. This initiative was paired with process improvements to the demolition control process at Town Hall.

Planning Staff continue to grow the heritage portfolio and will be releasing new brochures related to heritage designation and heritage listing. Earlier this year, staff also brought forward a significant amount of designation reports that have been on the Town’s wish list for several years. Heritage Grimsby Advisory Committee and Council have unanimously approved all of staff’s recommendations for the protection of heritage resources.

These high impact heritage actions demonstrate both staff and Council’s commitment to conserving the unique attributes that make Grimsby a special place to live.


“Since starting with the Town, a significant amount of energy, investment and time has been and will continue to be spent on the advancement of the conservation of heritage resources here at the Town of Grimsby. Staff have a significant amount of heritage projects in the works and are excited to partner with the community and bring them to life.” Antonietta Minichillo, Director, Planning, Building and By-Law.

 “Town staff, with support from the Heritage Grimsby Advisory Committee (HGAC), have made significant progress in the area of heritage conservation for our community. I look forward to seeing how their ongoing efforts will continue to advance Council’s fifth strategic priority “Heritage and Culture” with the goal of protecting, preserving and enhancing Grimsby’s distinct heritage and culture.” Mayor Jeff Jordan.

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