Casablanca Waterfront Project is getting underway

Casablanca Waterfront Project

The Casablanca Waterfront Project is getting underway.

The Town of Grimsby is excited to proceed with the Casablanca Waterfront park development. Since the beginning of development, there has been significant interest in this area, emphasizing the connectivity and accessibility along the waterfront is a top priority for the Casablanca neighbourhood. Developing this area to allow for better movement and higher community involvement would subsequently benefit local residents. The Casablanca Waterfront Project is a project that all Grimsby residents can enjoy; the vision is to develop the community park and promote the area as a destination park.

The Casablanca Waterfront Project spans the waterfront area from Hunter Road to the Water Treatment plant (with the easterly Losani development area to be developed later). The park project will be completed in several phases to maintain community access to the waterfront pathway as much as possible throughout the process.

A consultant to lead and guide the design and construction work for the project will be formalized soon, and currently IDEAS are being sought for the park through the Lets Talk Grimsby engagement website.  Please visit the site to learn more about the project, follow the project progress and to share your ideas and feedback. 

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