Projects within the Town of Grimsby

The following projects are currently being conducted within the boundaries of the municipality.  If any of the projects in progress affect you, please review the project details for further guidance and contact information.

2020 Projects

Nelles Road South and Dorchester Drive Traffic Study - (ongoing)

The Town of Grimsby has retained the engineering services of EXP Services Inc. to undertake a traffic study and neighbourhood communications initiative for the Nelles Road South and Dorchester Drive neighbourhood.  This study was initiated in the Spring of 2020 will review past and present traffic operations, with specific focus on traffic safety.  One of the main components of the study is collecting feedback from residents within the surrounding neighbourhood to help identify issues or concerns that may be present.

If you would like to assist us with the study, please feel free to complete the online resident survey (link below), and provide us with your feedback regarding traffic-related operations within the study area.

Please see the study notice for additional information regarding the scope of the project and contact information if you have questions or concerns.


Detailed information can be obtained in the Nelles Road South Dorchester Drive Traffic Study Notice

Follow this link to complete the survey:



2021 Projects




For general information regarding Grimsby's project, please call (905) 945-9634.  Inquiries will be reviewed and designated to the appropriate staff handling the project.

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