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Water Meter Inspection Requirements Notice

Please be advised that visual inspection of the water meter in your home / business should be regularly carried out by the property owner / tenant to identify possible leakage.
Any dripping or leakage from the water meter and the two connection nuts either side of the water meter should be reported to the Town.

Operations Centre @ (905) 945-9201
Office Hours: 8am – 4 pm
Monday to Friday
Regular inspections will protect your building from possible flooding damage. 
Please note that the Town will maintain the meter and the connection nuts only.  
All other leakage is to be repaired by the property owner

R. LeRoux, P.Eng. Director of Public Works


 Town of Grimsby Environmental Services Dept. is responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance and operation of the drinking water distribution system and wastewater collection system.
  • Installation and repair of water meters and registers.
  • Water service locates.
  • Repairing water main breaks.
  • Raising and lowering of curbside water shut-offs.
  • Water sampling at time of connection of new water mains.
  • Water sampling at time of repairs to existing water mains.
  • Water disconnections (for home repairs, non-payment etc.)
  • Fire hydrant maintenance including annual hydrant flushing and flow tests.
  • Removal of main sewer blockages.
  • Home sewer maintenance.

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