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Town Fire Safety Plans

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

A Fire Safety Plan (FSP) is a detailed document which is designed to deal with all aspects of fire-related safety at a specific building or property. The FSP is essentially a reference manual outlining the various fire safety practices to be employed by the owner and occupants of a particular facility.

FSPs are a requirement of Section 2.8 of the Ontario Fire Code, O.Reg.213/07.


How do Fire Safety Plans Apply to the Town of Grimsby?

The Town of Grimsby owns a number of facilities which require an approved FSP to be in place per the Ontario Fire Code.  The Town has developed individual FSPs for approximately twenty facilities which are owned by the Town.


Who has Responsibilities Under the Fire Safety Plans?

The Town’s FSPs define distinct responsibilities for the various persons/parties who maintain and/or occupy each particular facility.  The various parties include:

• Town Council;
• Various levels of Town management and staff;
• User groups which lease and/or occupy Town facilities on a regular basis; and
• Event organizers or persons who rent a Town facility on an individual basis.

Each of the parties noted above are required to be familiar with and adhere to the requirements of the applicable FSP for their specific facility.


Where Can I Find Copies of the Fire Safety Plans?

Printed copies of the FSPs are posted at their respective facilities; downloadable public versions are also available on this page (see below).  A copy of each FSP is also available for review (upon request) at the Grimsby Town Hall, located at 160 Livingston Avenue.

accessibilityThe Town of Grimsby is committed to providing this information in an accessible format to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.  Please direct any requests for alternative formats to the Town of Grimsby Administration Department.


Fire Safety Plan Documents

A public version of the Fire Safety Plans for each Town facility is available for download via the table below.

 Facility Name  Facility Address Fire Safety Plan   Date
 Town Hall 160 Livingston Avenue  pdf Fire Safety Plan Town Hall 9/16
Peach King Centre 162 Livingston Avenue pdf Fire Safety Plan Peach King Centre 9/16
Operations Centre 2 Clarke Street pdf Fire Safety Plan Operations Centre 9/16
Fire Station 1 261 Ontario Street pdf Fire Safety Plan Fire Station #1 9/15
Library & Art Gallery 18 Carnegie Lane pdf Fire Safety Plan Library & Art Gallery 9/16
Museum 6 Murray Street pdf Fire Safety Plan Museum pdf 9/16
Lions Pool 12 Elm Street pdf Fire Safety Plan Lions Pool 9/16
Livingston Activity Centre 18 Livingston Avenue pdf Fire Safety Plan Livingston Activity Centre 9/15
Calder Community Centre 171 Mountain Road pdf Fire Safety Plan Calder Community Centre 9/15
Alway Community Centre 502 Ridge Road West pdf Fire Safety Plan Alway Community Centre 9/16
Elizabeth Street Pumphouse 447 Elizabeth Street pdf Elizabeth Street Pumphouse 9/15
Grand Avenue Hall 10 Grand Avenue pdf Fire Safety Plan Grand Avenue Hall 9/15
Carnegie Hall 25 Adelaide Street pdf Fire Safety Plan Carnegie Building 9/15
Oakes Road Soccer Building 10 Oakes Road North pdf Fire Safety Plan Oakes Road Soccer Building 9/16
Oakes Road Baseball Building 10 Oakes Road North pdf Fire Safety Plan Oakes Road Baseball Building 9/16
Tennis Building 30 Livingston Avenue pdf Fire Safety Plan Tennis Building   9/15
Lakeside Drive Conservation Building 6 Lakeside Drive pdf Fire Safety Plan Lakeside Drive Conservation Building 9/15

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