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Special Event Guidelines

The Town of Grimsby supports Special Events as an important part of Grimsby's community and recognizes that Special Events enhance tourism, culture, recreation, education and provide economic benefits to businesses operating in the Town of Grimsby.

This information is applicable to all events and activities occuring in the Town of Grimsby on any public property or as deemed necessary by the Town of Grimsby Recreation, Facilities and Culture Department.  Please contact the Recreation department if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Special Event.

Here are a few of the Guidelines to consider:

The Town of Grimsby encourages and supports filming and photography projects that occur within the Town of Grimsby. The Town recognizes the value of the film industry and the potential economic benefits that could arise from filming opportunities. The Filming Policy is necessary to ensure that Town property and assets are protected, in addition to protecting the rights, safety and privacy of citizens.
Download: pdf Town of Grimsby Filming Policy

If your event involves a fireworks display, the Event Organizer must make a formal request to the Grimsby Fire Department.  The Fire Chief will need pertinent documentation a minimum of 30 days prior to the event to approve and issue a permit. 

For more information, please contact the Fire Department: 905-945-2113

Anyone who provides prepared food to the public outside of licensed kitchen facilities must notify the Public Health Department. 

The Niagara Region Public Health Department has a food service package for Special Event Coordinators.  The package includes application forms for the Event Coordinator, for each food booth / food activity, and some guidelines and good practices for food service.   The Event Organizer must ensure that these forms are completed and sent to the Niagara Region Public Health Department at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.  Forms and requirements can be found at

Road closures  or special road use requires approval.  For regional roads, an online permit application must be completed on the Niagara Region website:

For municipal roads a letter must be sent to the Public Works Department

Event Organizers are responsible for all signage and supervision as required for the permit.

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