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Forms, Permits, Licences

The forms, permit and licence applications on this page are listed in alphabetical order, with the Department responsible listed in (brackets) next to each document.
pdf Adjustment of Taxes   (Adjustment by 357 or 358) (Finance)
Application to Council or Assessment Review Board for adjustment of Taxes

pdf AODA Application Form   (Administration)
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. - Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee application

Art Gallery Membership brochure and form (Art Gallery)
Grimsby Public Art Gallery membership brochure and application form

pdf Art Gallery Volunteer brochure and form  (Art Gallery)
Grimsby Public Art Gallery volunteer brochure and application form

pdf Backflow Part 1 - General   (Water) 
Cross connection control survey form - Part 6 Hospital/Nursing Home

pdf Backflow Part 2 - Additional Cross Connections   (Water)
Cross connection control survey form - Part 6 Hospital/Nursing Home 

pdf Backflow Part 3 - Dental Office   (Water)
Cross connection control survey form - Part 6 Hospital/Nursing Home 

pdf Backflow Part 4 - Restaurant   (Water) 
Cross connection control survey form - Part 6 Hospital/Nursing Home

pdf Backflow Part 5 - Mortuary/Morgue   (Water) 
Cross connection control survey form - Part 6 Hospital/Nursing Home 

pdf Backflow Part 6 - Hospital/Nursing Home   (Water) 
Cross connection control survey form - Part 6 Hospital/Nursing Home

pdf Backflow Prevention Program Process - Annual Test and Inspection  
Annual Test and Inspection process

pdf Backflow Prevention Program Process - Device Installation - rev1  (Water)
Device Installation process

pdf Backflow Testing and Inspection Report - DCVA and PVB
Double Check Valve Backflow Preventer and Pressure Vacuum Breaker inspection report

pdf Backflow Testing and Inspection Report - RP
Differential Pressure Relief Valve inspection report


pdf Citizen Appointment   (Mayor and Council)
Citizen appointment application for boards and/or committees

Civic Recognition - Nomination Form (PDF) (Recreation Services)
Civic Recognition - Nomination Form (Fillable online)
The Civic Recognition Program recognizes volunteers and those who have brought special recognition to the Town of Grimsby through their contributions and accomplishments.

pdf Code of Conduct for Members of Council  (Mayor and Council)

pdf Complaint Form   (Administration)

Condo Approval  (Planning)
Application for subdivision or condominium approval 

pdf Construct Permit
  (Building / By-law)
Application for a Building Permit/Permit to Construct

pdf Deferral of Property Taxes
Application for Deferral of Property taxes for low-income senior and low-income home owners

pdf Delegation Request
Request form to appear before Town Council

pdf Demolish Permit  
(Building / By-law)
Application for a Demolition Permit

pdf Direction of School Support
Application to change or revise Direction of School Support under section 16 of the Assessment Act

pdf Downtown Grimsby Façade Improvement Grant Application
pdf Downtown Grimsby Façade Improvement Brochure  
Grant application form and administration guidelines.  Please note: if you are dropping off applications in person, they can no longer be dropped off at 25 Bartlett Street as indicated on the form; please drop off forms at Town Hall at 160 Livingston Avenue.

pdf F
pdf Freedom of Information Request
 (Clerks / Mayor's Office) 
pdf Freedom of Information fees
Please contact the Clerk's Office for assistance prior to submitting a request under the Act - if the records you are seeking are public records, they are readily available.  If you request information under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act you may be required to pay certain fees. 

pdf General Records Request Form  (Administration)
Request for: access to general records, access to own personal info, correction to own personal info


pdf Hawker and Peddler License Application   (Clerks / Mayor's Office)
A Hawkers & Peddler's licence is required by any person who goes from place to place or to a particular place with goods, wares or merchandise for sale, or who carries and exposes samples, patterns or specimens of any goods, wares or merchandise that are to be delivered in the municipality afterwards.

pdf Joint Access Advisory Committee application   (Administration)
Application for the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee for the municipalities of Grimsby, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Thorold and West Lincoln

pdf Lead Testing Program   (Public Works)
Free drinking water lead testing program application form; the Town of Grimsby is carrying out a provincially mandated program to identify homes that may have elevated levels of lead in their drinking water

pdf Marriage Licence Application - English   (Administration)
pdf Marriage Licence Application - French   (Administration)
Ontario marriage licence application form. Click here to submit application online.

Minor Variance Application (Planning)
Application to the Committee of Adjustment for minor variance and/or addition or extension of non-conforming uses

Museum Membership Form  (Museum)
Application for Grimsby Museum membership

Museum Programme Waiver Form  (Museum)
Museum waiver form and allergy/medication form for children attending Museum programs

pdf Official Plan Amendment  
This application form is to be used by those applying to amend the Grimsby Official Plan.

pdf Open Air Burn Permit   (Fire Services)
An Open Air Burn Permit is required for all agricultural and special event burning activities.

NEW APPLICATIONS: Please complete the attached form, print and draw burn site location. Sign form and submit to the Grimsby Fire Department with payment.

RENEWAL APPLICATIONS: A Burn Permit is required annually. Please complete the attached form, print and draw burn site location. Sign form and sumit to the Grimsby Fire Department. Payment is not required for renewal applications providing the burn site has not been moved.

pdf Open Air Burning ByLaw

pdf Open Air Burn - Property Owner Permission to Burn Release Form (Fire Services)
This completed form must accompany all burn permit applications being made by someone other than the property owner

P pdf
Peach King Centre Digital Sign Request
  (Recreation Services)
Digital sign request form for non-profit recreation and leisure events and activities in Grimsby

pdf Planning Consent Procedures and Application
Procedures for applying and application for Consent; the approval of the Committee of Adjustment is required for land transactions covering the separation of a parcel of land from existing holdings. This approval is called a "consent".

Planning Fee Tariff 2013
Committee of Adjustment & Land Division fees

pdf Plumbing / Sewer Permit
  (Building / By-law)
Application for plumbing, waterline, sewer drain and backflow preventer

pdf Pool Permit Application
  (Building / By-law)
Application for Swimming Pool Permit; By-law No. 08-59 requires that a permit be obtained prior to the installation of any privately owned outdoor pool.

pdf Preauthorized Payment Application - Tax (Finance )
pdf Preauthorized Payment Application - Water   (Water)
Application for Preauthorized Payment Plan

pdf Preauthorized Payment Cancellation - Tax
pdf Preauthorized Payment Cancellation - Water   (Water)
Cancellation notice for Preauthorized Payment Plan 
pdf Preauthorized Payment Change - Tax
pdf Preauthorized Payment Change - Water   (Water)
Preauthorized Payment Plan change of banking information form

pdf Public Works Permits
  (Public Works)
Permit request form for entrance, services and utility permits

Recreation Employment Opportunities
  (Recreation Services)
Application form for employment opportunities at Recreation Services / Peach King Centre

pdf Recreation Programs Participant Evaluation   (Recreation Services)
Participant Evaluation Form for providing comments and feedback about Recreation programs

pdf Refreshment Vehicle License  (Clerks / Mayor's Office)
Every person who owns, operates and uses any vehicle from which refreshments are sold for consumption by the public shall obtain a Refreshment Vehicle Licence.  These include Chip Wagons, Hot Dog Carts, Ice Cream Bicycles.

pdf Registered Charity Tax Rebate  
Application for Tax rebates for registered charitable organizations

Request for Reconsideration  (Finance)
Request for reconsideration of tax assessment by Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Sale of Land by Public Tender  * there are no Tenders at this time  (Finance)
Tax Sale Envelope  (Finance)
Package required for submitting offer for sale of land by public tender.  Envelope required to submit offer for sale of land by public tender

pdf Sign Permit   (Building / By-law)
Application for a Sign Permit

Site Plan 2013  (Planning)
Application for site plan

Subdivision Approval  (Planning)
Application for subdivision or condominium approval 


pdf Vacancy Rebate Application  (Finance)
Application for Rebate of Property Taxes for Vacancies in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

pdf Water Move In / Move Out 
 - Printable (Water)
Water Move In/Out - Online (Water)
If you are moving you will need to contact the Water Department for a final meter read; Information to be received 1 week prior to billing, Final billing cannot be paid by PAP

pdf Zoning Amendment  
Application to amend the Town of Grimsby zoning by-law

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