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About Us

The Town Council of Grimsby established the Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee (GEDAC) for the purpose of advising Council on Economic Development matters and promoting Economic Development and Tourism in the Town of Grimsby. To assist in fulfilling its mandate, the committee has developed a vision.


"The Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee is committed to supporting Grimsby's natural, cultural and historical heritage. We will identify, foster and develop economic drivers in our community to ensure Grimsby has the environment that makes it the preferred location to live and prosper while maintaining its heritage."



Downtown Grimsby's Farmer's Market

The market was established in response to a growing demand by the residents of Grimsby to enjoy the freshness of "home grown" products from the Niagara Region.  Set up as a "Home Grown" Market, our vendors grow their own product and take the time to answer all the questions of the hoppers at the market. 

The market features a community tent that allows not-for-profit organizations the opportunity to meet with market shoppers. Regular cooking demonstrations have been arranged between the market vendors and local chefs who feature products purchased from the variety of locally grown products available.


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