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Applying for Exhibitions

Artists interested in showing at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery should submit a proposal of their work. We evaluate proposals on an ongoing basis - there is no official call for submissions or deadline.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please include a current artist statement, a CV (resume), 10-20 images and an image list.  Please note the Gallery uses PCs; please do not send Mac exclusive files. Digital images should be no larger than 3mb in size. Additional support material may also be included, but should be kept to a minimum.

Submissions should be addressed to: 
Rhona Wenger, Director
Grimsby Public Art Gallery
18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby, Ontario, L3M 1Y1

Art in the Library

Art in the Library is a program of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, supported and run by the Gallery’s Volunteer Committee, to display works by local Artists on a designated wall in the Library and occasionally in the Main Lobby.

Applications to be submitted on the form provided, including a résumé, an artist’s statement and some visual samples of their work (jpegs on CD or photographs).

For more information, download the Application form: 
pdf Art in the Library application and info

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