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John Notten

June 15 - August 12, 2018

tent sm

A tent is a once… 

Secure and Fragile
Home and Homeless
Protection and Vulnerable
Recreation and Rescue
Mobile and Permanent
Isolated and Crowded
Low Tech and High Tech
Nostalgic and Nightmare
Wild and Urban
Private and Public
Functional and Symbolic
Privilege and Punishment
Choice and Necessity

The transcendence of tent from shelter to symbol is what The Tent Project investigates. From campgrounds to tent cities, this exhibition uses the common tent, in all its configurations and contexts, to examine notions of nostalgia, privilege, power and equity.

Touring exhibition available for booking!

Grimsby Public Art Gallery - uncovering artists’ books - Exhibition Tour Information

Artists’ books read at once as sensual, spatial and tactile; they open our reading experience to the multi-sensory perception of books as art objects. uncovering artists' books explores this rich artistic practice, highlighting its significant contribution to the history of visual art in Canada.

Curator Geraldine Davis investigates these often under-appreciated creations, illuminating the experiential dimensions of these unusual works and the intimate connections they create with literature, visual culture and documentation.  Artists’ books form an integral part of most art movements. Many exceptional artists have chosen the book arts an important sphere of their creative practices. Experimental and collaborative attitudes prevail in these objects; contemporary examples embrace new technologies and digital formats in this historically significant practice.

• Exhibition fee: $8,000 (plus shipping). Total shipping costs Ottawa + Banff to/from Grimsby were under $3,000 (specific estimates available on request).
• If eligible, Geraldine Davis will assist your gallery to prepare Museums Assistance Program (MAP) Exhibition Circulation Fund (ECF) grant application.  Eligibility criteria: https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/funding/museums-assistance/exhibition-circulation.html. MAP’s ECF grant reimburses 75% of eligible exhibition costs (including fees and shipping) to a maximum of $15,000.

• Content: Approx. 100 artists’ books.
o The list of artists included in Uncovering artists’ books’ bilingual, colour publication PDF is now available. Flexible exhibition content with local addenda possibilities.
• Space requirements:  Approx. 200 running feet on floor or walls.
• Modular Vitrines: 16-18 door-sized, sturdy vitrines available as required (easy assembly)

Please contact Geraldine or Rhona with questions or for further information.
Geraldine Davis, UAB Guest Curator
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Rhona Wenger
Director, Grimsby Public Art Gallery
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uncovering artists’ books Grimsby Public Art Gallery (GPAG) March 26-May 15, 2016
At School of Art Gallery, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Oct. 10-December 1, 2017
YouTube show tour videos, April 2017 at Grimsby Public Art Gallery
uncovering artists’ books - Show Tour with Geraldine Davis, part 1
uncovering artists’ books - Show Tour with Geraldine Davis, part 2
uncovering artists's books - Show Tour with Geraldine Davis, part 3

Uncovering artists' books is generously funded by the Government of Canada.

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