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Nuisance Wildlife

wildThe onus to address nuisance wildlife rests with the person who has the nuisance wildlife concerns.

The best procedure for Property Owners is to leave the animal alone and it should leave on its own!

A list of private Wildlife Control Contractors is available at the Town Hall Office, on the Internet or from the yellow pages.

Property Owners can discourage wildlife from “moving in” by:

1. Do not provide food for wildlife. Bring pet food inside at the end of the day. Use a proper container for compost and only put out vegetable wastes. Ensure garbage stored outside is in a tightly sealed container.

2. Do not provide shelter for wildlife. In the early spring and late fall, homeowners should be sure to locate and close up any holes or openings in attics, under steps, sheds and garages. These areas make great dens for raising young in the spring, and great sleeping quarters for the winter. Make sure all wildlife has left or been removed from denning areas before sealing the entrances.

3. Do not provide access for wildlife. Trim all overhanging tree branches and collar TV antenna towers so that animals don’t use these to get on to roofs.

4. Consider the consequences of all landscaping decisions. Rock and water gardens as well as birdbaths can help provide that habitat niche that wildlife is looking for.

* The Ministry of Natural Resources, the Town and other local and Provincial agencies are unable to handle sick animals and we recommend that the animal be left alone so that nature can take its course!


In the case of suspected RABIES, Town of Grimsby residents should contact the Lincoln County Humane Society at 1-800-263-2469 or (905) 682-0767 as this agency is responsible under the Rabies Contingency Plan to arrange for the pick up and to euthanatize (if necessary) wildlife suspected of having rabies.

* If “human contact” has been made with wildlife/animals suspected of having rabies, contact the Region of Niagara, Health Department at 1-800-263-7248 or (905) 688-3762.

Fact Sheets

Available at the Grimsby Town Hall Lobby Kiosk

* Dealing with Nuisance Animals – Ministry of Natural Resources – January 2005

* Bird Control on Grape and Tender Fruit Farms (applicable also to homes) Ministry of Agricultural – June 1998.

Town of Grimsby

The Town of Grimsby may become involved in nuisance wildlife cases based on a case-by-case review by the Public Works Committee subject to the following:

- the term ‘Pest’ is to be determined by the Municipality as presented to Council from time to time based on a multiple neighbour complaint;

- property owners are to present the problem to Council via the Public Works Committee, identifying the problem and presenting a Wild Life Control Contractor quotation to resolve this problem;

- Committee will recommend on a ‘case-by-case basis’ a cost share of the quote to a maximum of 25% or $2,000 whichever is less.”

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