Fines & Fees

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Item Fines




.20¢/day per item

   All regular fiction & non-fiction books, magazines,

   audiobooks, and children's books




$1.00/day per item

   Express Reads Books, DVDs, and Playaway Views




No Fines

   eBooks & eAudiobooks





Tips For Avoiding Item Fines


Sign up for email notification
Receive pre-overdue notices from us via email. This gives you a friendly reminder the day before your item is due to return it.  Email notification also provides you with a notice if the item does become overdue, and when an item you requested comes in for you.!

Keep your due dates in mind.
Whether you hold on to your checkout receipt, call the library to ask, or check your online account, make sure you keep track of your due date and return your items before or on that day.

Take advantage of our 24/7 drop box.
The Library has an always-open drop box on the west side of the building off the Carnegie street entrance. If you know you will not be able to return your items on the day they are due, you can return them the day before, even if we are closed.

Renew your items in-person, by phone, or online.
If you know you won't be able to finish using or return your items on the due date, renew your items before the due date to avoid fines. This will only work if no other patrons have put those items on hold.

$40/year for Non-Resident Membership
Those who live out of town but would like to have a membership at the
Grimsby Public Library can sign up for a Non-Resident Membership.
Click the link above to find out more.
 $2 - Library Card Replacement
If you lose or misplace your library card and need to purchase a new one,
please come to the library with the above fee and an I.D that includes your
name and address. You cannot purchase a new card online or over the phone.

$2 - Lost/Damaged A/V Case or insert
Patrons will be charged this fee if A/V cases or inserts are returned
damaged. The fee is to cover the cost of replacement & processing. 

.25 cents - Sale Table (books)
We offer a wide selection of books for sale on our Sale Table. If you
donate items to the Library it may end up here! Books cost .25¢
each or 5 for $1
. (Includes audiobooks)

.25 cents - Sale Table (DVDs)
We occasionally put out DVDs out on the Sale Table as well.
*Please note these are not subject to the 5 for $1 deal above.*

$5/item - Processing Fee for lost or damaged items
When an item is lost or damaged beyond use, we will charge for the
replacement cost of the item PLUS a $5.00 processing fee. The processing
fee is attached to cover the cost of labour & processing of the replacement.





Printing and Photocopying




     Black & White     |     .20¢ per page (doubled-sided .40¢)

     Colour                |     .50¢ per page (doubled-sided $1.00)



computer printing

     Black & White     |     .20¢ per page (doubled-sided .40¢)

     Colour                |     .50¢ per page (doubled-sided $1.00)


In a rush? Try our wireless printing from home and pick up your printing at the Library!


3D Printing

   3D Printing is currently FREE! Click here to learn more.





 Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a limit on how high fines can go?
Fines are charged on overdue materials according to the rates indicated in the "Item Fines" section above. Each overdue charge can increase to a maximum amount of $5.00 per item. Patrons will be charged for every item they have overdue.  
Ex. 1 max. overdue item = you owe $5.00,  3 max. overdue items = you owe $15.00


Will I still be able to borrow materials if I have fines?
Patrons can still borrow Library materials if their fines are under $10.00. You will not be able to borrow items if total fines reach $10.00 or more. Borrowing is suspended on membership until any fines in excess of $9.99 are paid.


How can I pay my fines, fees, or charges?
Payments can be made using cash, debit, or cheque payable to the Grimsby Public Library. We DO NOT accept credit cards.


Can I return items on the due date after closing?  
To be safe, you should always return your items before closing on the day they are due. However, if you can't get to the library on time, you can still return items after we close that day to avoid fines. If you choose to return your items on the following day before we open there is no guarantee they will be checked in with the previous day's items and fines may be accrued. 


Where do my fines go?
All fine revenue collected is added to the Library's operating budget to improve and expand services.


Why are there fines for overdue items?
The Library charges fines on overdue materials to encourage our members to return items on time so they are available for others to borrow. 









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