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2016-17 Season


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emma and Steven

Casablanca Winery Inn | 7:30 PM | Doors: 7 PM 
wonder2Compelling from start to finish, The Wonder by award-winning, bestselling author Emma Donoghue is classic storytelling: an intimate and mysterious tale of two strangers who come together and change each other's lives forever. A small Irish village is mystified by what appears to be a miracle but may actually be murder. A small village in 1850s rural Ireland is baffled by Anna O'Donnell's fast, which began as a self-inflicted and earnest expression of faith. The curious and the hopeful begin to come to the tiny village including an international journalist. Lib, an English nurse trained by Florence Nightingale is hired to keep watch for two weeks and determine whether or not Anna is a fraud. As Anna deteriorates, Lib finds herself responsible not just for the care of a child, but for getting to the root of why the child may actually be the victim of a macabre murder. 
bygaslightSteven Price's debut novel By Gaslight is a literary tour de force of a detective's ceaseless hunt for an elusive criminal. London of 1885 is a city of fog and darkness. A severed head is dredged from the Thames; ten miles away, a woman's body is discovered. The famed American detective William Pinkerton is summoned by Scotland Yard to investigate. The dead woman fits the description of a grafter Pinkerton has been pursuing for a long time - someone he believed would lead him to a man he has been hunting since his father's death. Edward Shade is an industrialist without a past, a fabled con, a thief of other men's fortunes - he seems a ghost, a man of smoke. The obsessive hunt for him that began in the last days of the Civil War becomes Pinkerton's inheritance. What follows is an epic journey of secrets, deceit and betrayals.

 See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.
Gail and Kevin

Casablanca Winery Inn |
 7:30 PM | Doors: 7 PM


newsfrom redNews From the Red Desert begins in late 2001, when everyone believes the Afghanistan war is already won and the Taliban defeated, then leaps late in the severely escalated conflict – into the mess, and death, and confusion.  At its heart are the men and women who have come to Afghanistan to seek purpose, and adventure, and danger, by engaging in the most bewitching and treacherous of human pursuits: making war.  It’s the story of Deirdre O’Malley, an American journalist who is embedded with Canadian infantry and conflicted about what she is seeing including her ex-lover, the American general who has taken command of the theatre.  Fuelling the tension is the carelessness of an American supply sergeant that sets off a firestorm of controversy. 



spawninggroundsThe Spawning Grounds, the long-awaited new novel by the two-time Giller Shortlisted author is full of the qualities Gail Anderson-Dargatz’s fans love: it’s an intimate family saga rooted in the Thompson-Shuswap region of BC, and saturated with the history of the area. A bold new story that bridges native and white cultures across a bend in a river where the salmon run. On one side of the river is the Robertson family and on the other is a Shuswap community. A dying river, a threat to the salmon run , a native protest against development and a near drowning create the tension that fuels this story with roots in the past and present. The narrative rides along on the cross-currents of the ordinary world and the world of the spirit, made all the more turbulent by the human and environmental crises that have knit the white and native worlds together in love, and hate, and tragedy for 150 years. 



 See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.






craig and ami

Casablanca Winery Inn |
7:30 PM | Doors: 7 PM
witchesofnewyorkThe year is 1880.  Two hundred years after the trials in Salem, Adelaide Thom has left her life in the sideshow to open a tea shop with Eleanor St. Clair who feels it’s finally safe enough to describe herself as a witch.  Together they become The Witches of New York catering to Manhattan’s high society ladies, specializing in cures, palmistry and potions.   All is well until one bright September afternoon, when an enchanting young woman named Beatrice Dunn arrives at their door seeking employment.  Beatrice soon becomes indispensable as Eleanor’s apprentice, but soon she begins to see things and hear voices that no one else can.  Working with Dr. Quinn Brody, a talented alienist, Adelaide submits Beatrice to a series of tests to see if she truly can talk to spirits but Beatrice disappears, leaving them to wonder whether it was by choice or by force. The search begins but what will it reveal?
preciouscargoOne morning in 2008, desperate and impoverished and living alone while trying unsuccessfully to write, Craig Davidson plucked a flyer out of his mailbox that read, “Bus Drivers Wanted”.  That was the first step towards an unlikely new career: driving a school bus full of special-needs kids for a year.  Armed only with a sense of humour akin to that of his charges, a creative approach to the challenge of driving a large, awkward vehicle while corralling a rowdy gang of kids, and unexpected reserves of empathy, Davidson take us along for the ride.  He shows us how his evolving relationship with the kids on that bus slowly but surely changed his life along with the lives of the “precious cargo” in his care.  Precious Cargo is the extraordinary story of that year and those relationships.  It is also a moving, important universal story about how we see and treat people with special needs in our society.

blog See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.

cordelia and william

Casablanca Winery Inn |
7:30 PM | Doors: 7 PM
zippychippyFrom acclaimed humourist William Thomas comes the funny yet poignant story of a thoroughbred racehorse that lost 100 races in a row - but, in everyone's eyes, became the ultimate winner. Zippy Chippy's pedigree was horse racing gold, all his ancestors were champions. His success and glory seemed inevitable. Zippy Chippy was not your ordinary race horse, he seemed to ignore all the traditions and emphasis on winning. He decided to not win at all, losing, over the course of his career, 100 races. And he did so with his owner, Felix Monserrate, by his side - a man who refused to sell Zippy, or even retire him. Soon, Zippy's cheering squad grew to include people who, enchanted by his story, would travel from all over to watch him lose but happily gallop back to his stable. Told with laugh-out-loud wit and a lot of heart, William Thomas captures our hearts with the story of the losing-est racehorse in North American history.
On The Shores of Darkness, There is Light
is a clever and heartbreaking new novel of love and revelation by Cordelia Strube. Harriet is 11 going on 30. Her mixed-media art is a source of wonder to her younger brother, Irwin, but an unmitigated horror to the panoply of insufficiently grown-up grown-ups who surround her. She plans to run away to Algonquin Park, hold up in a cabin like Tom Thomson and paint trees; and so, to fund her escape, she runs errands for the seniors who inhabit the Shangrila, the decrepit apartment building that houses her fractured family. Masterful and poignantly funny, Strube has a genius for revealing the layers of conflicting feelings to which human beings are often subject. She also has a gift for seeing the humanity in all her characters. The tapestry of humanity that Strube presents is richly detailed and profoundly moving.
blogSee the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.

andrew and Amy

Casablanca Winery Inn |
7:30 PM | Doors: 7 PM
junglemountainThe Jungle South of the Mountain is a chilling, visceral, creatively imagined debut novel by Andrew Westoll. Set in South America, a scientist named Stanley is deeply embedded in the life of the rainforest. He's been studying a troop of capuchin monkeys for eight years - seven since his beloved Maria left him and their mentor, Professor Collymore, mysteriously disappeared. The country is preparing for hotly contested election. Stanley, however, is oblivious to this, focused only on his research. But then his research is violently threatened: Someone is killing his beloved monkeys, one by one. Stanley decides to take matters into his own hands, but soon learns that there are forces in the jungle as difficult to quell as the spirit of rebellion brewing in the south. The Jungle South of the Mountain explores the stories we believe, the lies we tell and the choices we make to protect what we love. 

stillmineClara is on the run - from her past, from her husband, and from her own secrets. When she turns up in the remote mining town of Blackmore asking about Shayna Fowles, a local girl who disappeared, everyone wants to know who Clare really is and what she's hiding. As it turns out, she's hiding a lot, including what ties her to Shayna. But everyone in this place is hiding something - from Shayna's secretive ex-husband, to the charming small-town drug pusher, to Shayna's overly involved family doctor, to her distraught parents. As Clare uncovers the mysteries around Shayna, she must confront her own demons, moving us deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of lies and making us question what it is she's really running from. Still Mine is twisting and electrifying, a get-under-your-skin-thriller that will make you question what it means to lose yourself and find yourself in the most unlikely places.

See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.
lynne and emily

Casablanca Winery Inn |
7:30 PM | Doors: 7 PM
Men Walking on Water

In the last years of Prohibition, Alfred Moss is a smalltime rumrunner. On a cold night driving across the frozen Detroit River he disappears. Escaping with him is all the cash and last hopes of his friends.

With the elegant grit of Graham Greene and symbolic sweep of Michael Chabon, Emily Schultz captures the champagne haze between expansion and collapse, between endings and beginnings. Men Walking on Water is an epic story of a country torn between pleasure and abstinence.
tranloveSet against the pulsing backdrop of post-war Tokyo,
The Translation of Love tells the gripping and heartfelt story of a newly repatriated Japanese-Canadian girl who must help a classmate find her missing sister. Thirteen-year-old Aya Shimamura is released from a Canadian internment camp in 1946, still grieving the recent death of her mother, and repatriated to Japan with embittered father. Aya's English-language abilities are prized by the principal of her new school, but her status as the "repat girl" makes for a social pariah - until her seat mate, a fierce, willful girl named Fumi Tanaka, decides that Aya might be able to help her find her missing older sister. Fumi, desperate for answers, takes matters into her own hands, venturing into the Ginza with Aya. Told through rich, interlocking storylines, Lynne Kutsukake explores the complexities of the human heart and the universal need to belong.

See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.








2013-14 Season


Fall: September
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Fall Events




September 2013


ghost story mary swan

Mary Swan
 - My Ghosts 
In My Ghosts, with an uncanny eye for the telling detail, Mary Swan brings to vivid life a household of Scottish orphans trying to make their way in Toronto in 1879. My Ghosts is entrancing fiction that pulls you into its characters' lives at the same time as it inspires you to think about your own ghosts, your own forgotten past.






kicking the sky anthony de sa

Anthony De Sa
Kicking the Sky

On a steamy summer day in 1977, Emanuel Jaques was shining shoes in downtown Toronto. Surrounded by the strip clubs, bars and body rub parlors of Yonge Street, Emanuel was lured away from his friends by a man who promised some easy money. Four days later the boy's body was discovered.







October 2013


the imposter bride nancy richler


Nancy Richler - The Imposter Bride 

When a young, enigmatic woman arrives in post-war Montreal, it is immediately clear that she is not who she claims to be. Her attempt to live out her life as Lily Azerov shatters as she disappears, leaving a new husband and baby daughter, and a host of unanswered questions. Who is she really and what happened to the young woman whose identity she has stolen? Why has she left and where did she go? It is left to the daughter she abandoned to find the answers to these questions as she searches for the mother she may never find or really know.




mount pleasant don gillmour


Don GillmorMount Pleasant

In middle age, debt has become the most significant relationship in Harry Salter's life. As he sits at his father's bedside, Harry inevitably daydreams about his inheritance. A couple of his father's millions would rescue him from his ballooning debt—maybe even save his marriage. But when the will is read, all that's left for Harry is $4200. Dale Salter's money is gone.







November 2013



Mary Lawson - Road Ends 

Roads End brings us a family unravelling in the aftermath of tragedy: Edward Cartwright, struggling to escape the legacy of a violent past; Emily, his wife, cloistered in her room with yet another new baby, increasingly unaware of events outside the bedroom door; Tom, their eldest son, twenty-five years old but home again, unable to come to terms with the death of a friend; and capable, formidable Megan, the sole daughter in a household of eight sons, who for years held the family together but has finally broken free.





son of a certain woman Wayne Johnston



Wayne Johnston - Son of a Certain Woman

From one of Canada’s most acclaimed, beloved storytellers: The Son of a Certain Woman is Wayne Johnston’s funniest, sexiest novel yet, controversial in its issues, wise, generous and then some in its depiction of humanity.








Winter Events




January 2014


emancipation day wayne grady


Wayne Grady  - Emancipation Day

Steeped in jazz and big-band music, spanning pre- and post-war Windsor-Detroit, St. John's, Newfoundland, and 1950s Toronto, this is an arresting, heartwrenching novel about fathers and sons, love and sacrifice, race relations and a time in our history when the world was on the cusp of momentous change.






once we had a country robert mcgill



Robert McGill - Once We Had a Country

A richly textured novel of idealism and romance, Once We Had a Country re-imagines the impact of the Vietnam War by way of the women and children who fled with the draft dodgers.







February 2014


the truth about luck iain reid


Iain Reid - The Truth about Luck 

In The Truth about Luck, Iain Reid, author of the highly popular coming-of-age memoir One Bird's Choice, accompanies his grandmother on a five-day vacation -- which turns out to be a "staycation" at his basement apartment in Kingston. While the twenty-eight-year-old writer is at the beginning of his adult life, his ninety-two-year-old grandmother is nearing the end of hers. Between escorting his grandma to local attractions and restaurants, the two exchange memories and she begins to reveal details of her inspiring life story.






the wolves janice kirck and gina buonaguro



Gina Buonoaguro & Janice Kirk -  The Wolves of St. Peter's

A suspenseful, intoxicating mystery of art, young love and betrayal, set amid the glory and corruption of Renaissance Rome.









April 2014


going home again dennis bock


Dennis Bock Going Home Again

After two acclaimed historical novels, one of Canada's most celebrated young writers now goes contemporary with the vibrant story of a man taking stock of the shape his life has taken, and why, and what-as a husband, a father, a brother, and an uncle-his responsibilities truly are.










Claire Cameron - The Bear

While camping with her family on a remote island, five-year-old Anna awakes in the night to the sound of her mother screaming. A rogue black bear, 300 pounds of fury, is attacking the family's campsite, pouncing on her parents as prey. Told in the honest, raw voice of five-year-old Anna, this is a riveting story of love, courage, and survival.











2014-15 Season


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Fall Events



September 2014


Kim Thuy - Man

Mãn has three mothers: the one who gives birth to her in wartime, the nun who plucks her from a vegetable garden, and her beloved Maman, who becomes a spy to survive. Seeking security for her grown daughter, Maman finds Mãn a husband--a lonely Vietnamese restaurateur who lives in Montreal. Thrown into a new world, Mãn discovers her natural talent as a chef. 




moving forward
Shani Mootoo - Moving Forward Sideways like a Crab

Written in vibrant, supple prose that vividly conjures both the tropical landscape of Trinidad and the muted winter cityscape of Toronto, "Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab" is a passionate eulogy to a beloved parent, and a nuanced, moving tale about the struggle to embrace the complex realities of love and family ties.









October 2014

NO SAFE house

Linwood Barclay - No Safe House

#1 international bestselling author Linwood Barclay delivers a sequel to No Time for Goodbye --an electrifying novel of suspense in which a family's troubled past is about to return in more ways than one. And this time, they may not be able to escape. . .





Miriam Toews - All My Puny Sorrows

You won't forget Elf and Yoli, two smart and loving sisters. Elfrieda, a world-renowned pianist, glamorous, wealthy, happily married: she wants to die. Yolandi, divorced, broke, sleeping with the wrong men as she tries to find true love: she desperately wants to keep her older sister alive. Yoli is a beguiling mess, wickedly funny even as she stumbles through life struggling to keep her teenage kids and mother happy, her exes from hating her, her sister from killing herself and her own heart from breaking.







November 2014

adult onset

Ann-Marie Macdonald - Adult Onset

From the acclaimed, bestselling author of 2 beloved classics, Adult Onset is a powerful drama about motherhood, the dark undercurrents that break and hold families together, and the power and pressures of love.





Craig Davidson - Cataract City

Owen and Duncan are childhood friends who've grown up in picturesque Niagara Falls--known to them by the grittier name Cataract City.  Owen and Duncan think they are different: both dream of escape, a longing made more urgent by a near-death incident in childhood that sealed their bond. But in adulthood their paths diverge, and as Duncan, the less privileged, falls deep into the town's underworld, he and Owen become reluctant adversaries at opposite ends of the law.









Winter Events




January 2015

Michael Winter - Into the Blizzard 

The evocative title, Into the Blizzard , is a quote from one of the witnesses to the sight of the young men walking into the storm of firepower at the Somme. It also evokes experiences that are part of living in Newfoundland then and now--being out on the ice or in the outports, where blinding snowstorms can arise quickly and without warning--experiences that Michael describes as he searches for the stories of the lost young men.




Alison Pick - Between Gods

Alison Pick was  raised in a supportive, loving family. As a teenager, Alison made a discovery that instantly changed her understanding of her family, and her vision for her own life, forever. She learned that her Pick grandparents, who had escaped from the Czech Republic during WWII, were Jewish--and that most of this side of the family had died in concentration camps.







February 2015

Umbrella Mender cover for cat
Christine Fischer Guy The Umbrella Mender

Though a stroke has left her mute, the story Hazel MacPherson has to share is unforgettable. As a talented nurse in the early 1950s, she went north to Moose Factory to help fight the epidemic of tuberculosis that was ravaging the Cree and Inuit peoples. Each week the boat brought new patients from the James Bay, Hudson Bay, and Nunavik communities to the little hospital. It was a desperate undertaking, fraught with cultural and language difficulties that hampered the urgent, sometimes reckless, efforts of the medical staff.




Linden MacIntyre - Punishment

Forced to retire early from his job as a corrections officer in Kingston Penitentiary, Tony Breau has limped back to the village where he grew up to lick his wounds, only to find that Dwayne Strickland, a young con he'd had dealings with in prison is back there too--and once again in trouble.










March 2015

confessions of a fairys daughter
Alison Wearing - Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter

Alison Wearing led a largely carefree childhood until she learned, at the age of 12, that her family was a little more complex than she had realized. Sure her father had always been unusual compared to the other dads in the neighbourhood: he loved to bake croissants, wear silk pyjamas around the house, and skip down the street singing songs from Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. But when he came out of the closet in the 1970s, when homosexuality was still a cardinal taboo, it was a shock to everyone in the quiet community of Peterborough, Ontario--especially to his wife and three children.





smokeriver Copy

Krista Foss - Smoke River

An extraordinarily accomplished debut, Smoke River follows two families on different sides of a crisis with deep roots in history and territory through one fateful summer. After a proposed subdivision becomes the site of a Mohawk protest -- the land, which has long formed a kind of neutral border between a reserve and the neighbouring town, is contested -- tensions escalate through three sweltering summer months, exposing old wounds, as well as forging new and sometimes surprising connections.












2015-16 Season

All GAS events listed below took place at the Casablanca Winery Inn.

Go to 'At the Library Events' to see the extra events that took place at GPL.



Event 1: Monday, September 14 @ 7:30 PM
Doors Open @ 7PM

Paula McLain  -  Circling the Sun
Paula Mclain, author of the bestseller The Paris Wife, takes readers to Kenya in the 1920s, where the beautiful young horse trainer, adventurer and aviator Beryl Markham tells the story of her life among the glamourous and decadent circle of British ex-pats living in colonial East Africa.  




Elizabeth Hay
  -  His Whole Life

Starting with something as simple as a boy who wants a dog, His Whole Life  takes us into the richly intimate world where everything that matters to him is at risk: family, nature, home. Set in the mid-1900s, when Quebec is on the verge of leaving Canada, this captivating novel is an unconventional coming of age story as only Elizabeth Hay could tell it.



Event 2: Monday, October 19 @ 7:30 PM
Doors Open @ 7PM


Carrie Snyder
  -  Girl Runner
Girl Runner is the story of Aganetha Smart, a former Olympic athlete who was famous in the 1920s, but now, at age 104, lives ina nursing home, alone and forgotten by history. Her quiet life is disturbed by the unexpected arrival of two young strangers, who without revealing who they are take her on an outing where her memories of the past are stirred and she wrestles with the confusion and displacement of the present.




Peter Kavanagh
  - The Man Who Learned to Walk Three Times 
From the wellknown CBC journalist comes a story of hardship, resilience and repeatedly learning the same lesson. This is a moving memoir of a full life, and of learning the same lesson over and over; a story of healing and rehabilitation, and of hard lessons and a driving spirit.




Event 3: Monday, November 16 @ 7:30 PM
Doors Open @ 7PM


Nino Ricci  -  Sleep 
From multi-award winning author Nino Ricci comes a novel of devastating emotional power and intelligence, and often breathless suspense: the story of one man's descent into sleeplessness. David Pace is a man who has it all - a successful career, a beautiful wife, a young son and a lovely home. But when David's brain begins to misfire, his life begins spiralling down. 

Camilla Gibb   -  This Is Happy
In this profoundly moving memoir, Camilla Gibb, the award winning author of Sweetness in the Belly and The Beauty of Humanity Movement,  reveals the intensity of the grief that beseiged her as the happiness of a longed for family shattered. Raw and unflinching, intelligent and humane, This is Happy  asks the big questions and finds answers in the tender moments of the everyday.  



Event 4: Monday, January 11 @ 7:30 PM
Doors Open @ 7PM


Helen Humphreys   -   The Evening Chorus
Resigned to living out the war in a German POW camp, James Hunter, an English officer, begins studying a pair of birdliving near the camp. With wonderfully developed characters, exquisitely shaped by and reflected in the natural world, The Evening Chrous  is a brilliant, beautiful evocation of place and a natural history of both WWII and the human heart.  

 *Cancelled - See make up event under 'At the Library Events'




Terry Fallis
  -  Poles Apart

Ever notice how things are never what they seem? Overnight, Eve of Equality, a feminist blog, becomes a sensation- thanks to no other than a simple and unexpected, yet powerful retweet. So who is Eve of Equality?  Well...not who you'd think. From two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour comes a hilarious, smart, and thoughtful commentary on a subject that is flooding out headlines, newsfeeds, and society.  


blogSee the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.



Event 5
: Monday, February 8 
@ 7:30 PM
Doors Open @ 7PM

Robert Hough   -  The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan
The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan is Robert Hough's rollicking and raucous new historical novel. The year is 1664 and Benny Wand, a young thief and board game hustler, is arrested in London for illegal gambling. Deported to the city of Port Royal, Jamica, and down on his luck he is forced to join a band of raiders lead by an up-and-coming season, Captain Henry Morgan.




Kevin Newman  -   All Out
Can a man with a demanding job really be a good father? All Out  is a bracingly honest answer from Emmy and Gemini Award winning anchorman Kevin Newman and his grown son Alex. Confessional and provocative, their memoir is also a touching meditation on ambition, absence and family that wll resonate with every parent and child who have ever struggled to connect and understand each other. 






Event 6: Monday, April 11 @ 7:30 PM
Doors Open @ 7PM

ian brown1

Ian Brown - Sixty: A Diary of my Sixtieth Year

From the author of the award-winning The Boy in the Moon comes a wickedly honest and brutally funny account of the year in which Ian Brown truly realized that the man in the mirror was actually...sixty. Sixty is a report from the front, a dispatch from the Maginot Line that divides the middle-aged from the soon to be elderly.



Katherine Govier
  -  The Three Sisters Hotel

A landmark novel of the Canadian West from one of Canada's most accomplished writers. Gateway, Alberta, 1911. The coming of the railroad to the Canadian Rockies has brought a parade of newcomers to the heavenly Bow Valley. Sweeping and intimate, Three Sisters Hotel is bursting with heart, wit and larger than life characters.



blogSee the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.







At the Library Events

Welcome to the Grimsby Author Series At the Library events page!
At the Library events are usually take place on Friday evenings and usually feature one author each with local wines & light refreshments on offer. Tickets for these "At the Library" events are not included in the regular series package. Tickets are made available for sale at the library in the weeks leading up to each event.
At the Library with Debbie Travis
Friday, December 7
Doors: 6:30 PM / Event begins: 7 PM
Tickets are now SOLD OUT.
Join us at the Grimsby Public Library for an author reading with Debbie Travis and delicious local wine tastings. Debbie will be discussing her new title Design Your Next Chapter.
Design Your Next Chapter by Debbie Travis
If you feel stuck with no idea what you should do next, lifestyle celebrity and TV pioneer Debbie Travis's new book is for you. Drawing on the tough (sometimes hilarious) lessons Debbie learned in her own leap into a new way of living, and a multitude of stories, tips and ideas to jumpstart your dreams, she's created an inspiring roadmap for change.
Visit www.penguinrandomhouse.ca for more information about Debbie's new book.
Find 'At the Library' events from: 2015-16  |  2016-17  |  2017-18 


Katherine Ashenburg Paula McLain

Friday, June 1
Grimsby Public Library
Doors: 6:30 PM | Event begins: 7 PM
Buy tickets online or at the Library starting Monday, January 15. 
Sofie & Cecilia by Katherine Ashenburg
In Sofie & Cecilia, beloved non-fiction author and journalist Katherine Ashenburg draws upon her formidable skill and maturity as a writer to craft an extraordinary and splendid debut novel. This is the story of a lifelong female friendship, set in the fascinating art world of Sweden between 1900 and 1940, just as modern art and the beginnings of the Scandinavian mid-century modern design movement were inspiring a creative revolution across northern Europe. 
Love & Ruin by Paula McLain
In 1937, twenty-eight-year-old Martha travels alone to Madrid to report on the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War and becomes drawn to the stories of ordinary people caught in devastating conflict. She also finds herself unexpectedly—and uncontrollably—falling in love with Hemingway, a man already on his way to becoming a legend. In the shadow of the impending Second World War, and set against the tumultuous backdrops of Madrid, Finland, China, Key West, and especially Cuba, where Martha and Ernest make their home, their relationship and professional careers ignite.
 At the Library with Maureen Jennings

Friday, December 8, 2017

Grimsby Public Library

Doors: 6:30 PM | Event begins: 7 PM
Let Darkness Bury the Dead

In Maureen Jennings' new Murdoch mystery Let Darkness Bury the Dead, it is November 1917. The Great War is grinding on, chewing up young men by the thousands. Initially, in the loyal Dominion of Canada, people are mostly eager to support the Motherland and fight for the Empire. Men perceived as slackers or cowards are shunned. But the carnage is horrendous and with enforced conscription, the enthusiasm for war is dimming. William Murdoch is a widower, a senior detective who, thanks to the new temperance laws, spends his time tracking down bootleggers and tipplers; most unsatisfying. His wife, Amy, died giving birth to their second child, a girl who lived only a few hours more. Murdoch, racked by grief, withdrew from four-year-old, Jack. This he regrets and would dearly love to make up for his negligence.
The mind behind Murdoch Mysteries!
As we enter the story, Jack, now twenty-one, has returned from France after being wounded and gassed on the Western Front. It is soon apparent that he is deeply troubled but he's not confiding in his father. He does, however, seem to be bound by shared secrets to another wounded former soldier, Percy McKinnon. Murdoch suddenly has much more serious crimes than rum-running on his hands. The night after Jack and McKinnon arrive home, a young man is found murdered in the impoverished area of Toronto known as the Ward. Soon after, Murdoch has to deal with a tragic suicide, also a young man. Two more attacks follow in quick succession. Increasingly worried that Jack knows more than he is letting on, Murdoch must solve these crimes before more innocents lose their lives.

 At the Library with Tim Cook 2
Friday, May 5, 2017

Grimsby Public Library
We are thrilled to officially announce that Tim Cook, Canada’s foremost military historian and a Charles Taylor Prize winner, will be speaking At the Library as part of the Grimsby Author Series in 2017! His new book Vimy: The Battle and the Legend examines the battle of Vimy Ridge and how it came to signify and solidify Canada's national identity.

Vimy is unlike any other battle in Canadian history. It marked the first time the four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force fought together and it was made a symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice. On the 100th anniversary of Vimy, and as Canada celebrates 150 years as a country, this is a story of Canadian identity and memory, by a writer who really knows how to bring history alive.

Help us celebrate Canada 150 by joining us for this fantastic event at the Grimsby Public Library. The refreshments at 6:30pm and reading at 7pm. Our wine sponsor for the evening is the Wayne Gretzky Winery.
See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.

At the Library with Anna Olson
Friday, December 9, 2016 

Grimsby Public Library
Canada's baking sweetheart Anna Olson will be at the
Grimsby Public Library 
for a food-tastic talk this winter season.
This exciting new volume features more than 125 recipes from her popular Food Network Canada show, and will take your baking from simple to sensational with her comprehensive guide to beautiful baked goods. The refreshments at 6:30pm and reading at 7pm. Our wine sponsor for the evening is the Trius Winery at Hillebrand.

For more about Anna: www.annaolson.ca


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At the Library with Helen Humphreys 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Grimsby Public Library

Resigned to living out the war in a German POW camp, James Hunter, an English officer, begins studying a pair of birdliving near the camp. With wonderfully developed characters, exquisitely shaped by and reflected in the natural world, The Evening Chrous  is a brilliant, beautiful evocation of place and a natural history of both WWII and the human heart.   
At the Library with Yann Martel
Friday, April 1, 2016

Grimsby Public Library

With this highly anticipated new novel, the author of the bestselling Life of Pi returns to the storytelling power and mastery of his much beloved novel. The High Mountains of Portugal is a suspenseful, mesmerizing story of a great quest for meaning, told in three intersecting narratives touching the lives of three different people and their families, and taking us on an extraordinary journey through the last century. We begin in the early 1900s, when Tomas discovers an ancient journal and sets out from Lisbon in one of the very first motor cars in Portugal in search of the strange treasure the journal describes. Thirty-five years later, a pathologist devoted to the novels of Agatha Christie, whose wife has possibly been murdered, finds himself drawn into the consequences of Tomas’s quest. Fifty years later, Senator Peter Tovey of Ottawa, grieving the death of his own beloved wife, rescues a chimpanzee from an Oklahoma research facility and takes it to live with him in his ancestral village in northern Portugal, where the strands of all three stories miraculously mesh together. Beautiful, witty and engaging, Yann Martel’s new novel offers us the same tender exploration of the impact and significance of great love and great loss, belief and unbelief, that has marked all his well-crafted, unexpected novels.

 See the blog post wrap up + photos from this event.

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