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Events and Activities in Grimsby

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On June 8, 2013 history came to life in Grimsby!  The Town of Grimsby and Grimsby Historical Society hosted a re-enactment of the Engagement at the Forty, a battle that took place during the war of 1812.  The re-enactment provided a historical and educational view of the battle, and commemorated 200 years of peace with the United States.

The afternoon consisted of a war camp set up that provide attendees with a sense of life in 1812, and a live re-enactment that had both a water and land component.  The re-enactment took place exactly 200 years to the date of the actual historical event, and on the same piece of land.  3,000 people attended the event and a permanent plaque now sits on site to acknowlege the events that took place.

Click here to watch the video of this special historic event:
Engagement at the Forty YouTube video

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