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2018 Hydrant Flushing Notice

April 1 - July 6, 2018 - Concerns are to be directed to the Operations Centre (905) 945-9201.

pdf Hydrant Flushing

Public Works Engineering Division

The Town of Grimsby Public Works Department is responsible through our Engineering Division (located at Town Hall) and our Operations Managment Division (located at the Operations Centre - Clark and Elizabeth Streets). 

 Drinking Water System  is maintained by the Town's Operation Centre staff including water meters (for purchase see permits section), maintenance, hydrants, watermain leak reporting, contact the Operations Centre 24 hour, 7 days a week service call number
(905) 945-9201 (answering service after hours).

Sanitary Sewer System is maintained by the Town of Grimsby Operations Centre staff.  See further details under Sanitary Sewers.

Further assistance is available from the Public Works Engineering Department at (905) 309-2014

Roads Quality Management Standard

What is the Road Quality Management Standard (RQMS)?

In 2009, the Public Works Department implemented a quality management system (QMS) for its drinking water system.  This system was put in place to meet legislation that required all municipalities who operate public drinking water systems to implement a QMS which conformed to the Ministry of Environment’s Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS).  The following year, the Town received formal accreditation for its drinking water QMS and since that time, has been successfully operating under this system.

Given its experience with the drinking water QMS, the Town decided it would be beneficial to follow a similar approach towards its road/transportation related infrastructure (i.e. roads, bridges, sidewalks, signage, storm sewers, etc.).  In 2015 the Public Works Department established a roads QMS under a modified version of the MOE’s DWQMS.  The modified standard is referred to as the Roads Quality Management Standard, or RQMS.

Read more: Roads Quality Management Standard


Banner Installation Request

Please review attached documents carefully and complete the application for submission.

1.  pdf Street Banner Application form
2.  pdf General Conditions for Banner Installations
3.  pdf Banner Specifications Requirements

Banner application can be denied, if specification requirements are not met upon inspection.
Any inquiries regarding Banner installation, please call (905) 309-2014

Basketball/Hockey Nets

Please remove all basketball/hockey nets from Town roads and boulevards. 
Please read the attached for more details.

pdf Basketball and Hockey Nets Advertisement

Backflow Prevention By-law

The Town of Grimsby has put in place pdf Backflow Prevention By-law No. 09-73 to protect the Municipal Drinking Water Distribution System from contamination through cross-connection and backflow.  This important requirement is part of the Town of Grimsby's and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment's multi-barrier commitment to enhance the security of and protect the residents and users of Grimsby's drinking water system.

The By-law can be reviewed in its entirety by clicking the link above for detailed specifics.

Read more: Backflow Prevention By-law

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