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Reason for Dissolving the Town’s Heritage Committee

Report to:             Mayor R.N. Bentley and Members of Grimsby Town Council
Date:                      13 July 2017
Subject:                Reasons for Dissolving the Town’s Heritage Committee

Resolved that Report TM-17-13 dated July 13, 2017 be received and that the resolution contained herein be approved.

At the June 19, 2017 Council meeting, the Mayor requested that the Town Manager look into the possibility of releasing the independent investigator’s report that concluded that Town staff had been subjected to workplace harassment the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee. Staff do not recommend that the investigator’s report be released for the reasons outlined in this Report.

On 15 August 2016 the Town Manager approved of retaining the services of The Employers’ Choice Inc. to conduct a workplace investigation regarding the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee and allegations of harassment. This firm was founded by three lawyers who were practicing in the area of labour and employment law. The firm employs both lawyers and human resource management professionals which allows for the provision of human resource consultant work that is both practical and legally defensible, important elements of any workplace investigation. The Town only uses this firm for conducting workplace violence and harassment investigations. An extensive investigation was conducted and hard copies of the investigation report for Council were hand delivered to Members of Council on Thursday, 15 September 2016.

Immediate action was called for by the investigator to rectify an unsafe working environment that had been created with the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee. Council responded with the speed requested of the investigator by dissolving the heritage committee.

Staff wishes to thank Council for this decision. Council demonstrated with this decision that our people are our greatest asset. Staff recognize that Council took some criticism for taking this step to protect staff but most people in the community were not aware of the serious reasons that led to this decision. And the Town’s intention since dissolving the heritage committee has always been to take a pause and then re-establish the committee.

It’s not easy dealing with labour relations in an organization that should be transparent and accountable. Releasing the investigator’s report would help give more light to the serious reasons why Council chose to dissolve the committee. However, most or all of the information in such reports should normally remain private because they contain personal and confidential information that should not normally be released to the public.

Staff recommend that the original course be stayed: dissolve the committee, take a pause, re-establish the committee. The Town of Grimsby’s relative commitment to heritage cannot be matched by the overwhelming majority of municipalities in Ontario. The Town’s planning staff has an approach that is very focussed on the value of heritage and individual Members of Council often speak to the importance of the Town’s heritage.

Heritage is important in Grimsby. That the Town of Grimsby was named the 2015 winner of the prestigious Prince of Wales heritage award is but one testament to the great work the Town has done in preserving its heritage.

Dissolving the heritage committee had nothing to do with a lack of commitment to heritage and everything to do with an unsafe work environment. Staff have a right to be free from bullying in the workplace, to be treated civilly and to be free from constant scorn or contempt. Council unanimously voted to dissolve the committee because of the unsafe working conditions and Council recently unanimously voted to re-establish the new heritage committee. Stay the course.

The terms of reference of the new committee were updated based on new legislation as well as a recommendation from the investigator. There is no role the previous committee had that the new committee does not also have. It is staff’s anticipation and hope that the new committee will challenge the Town with new ideas when necessary but will also work harmoniously with Town Council and staff. It is possible for reasonable individuals to disagree civilly and continue to work harmoniously together. Occasional disagreement need not inevitably lead to belittlement and harassment. Town Council, Town staff and members of the heritage committee had achieved great works in preserving the Town’s heritage; staff believe that can continue again.

Suggested Resolution
Whereas the Town engaged the services of an independent investigator who concluded that Town staff were subjected to harassment and bullying with the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee; and,

Whereas the investigator recommended that Town Council take immediate action; and,

Whereas in response to the investigator’s report and findings and the impact the harassment had on Town staff, Town Council found it necessary to dissolve the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee; and

Whereas the Town is committed to preserving its heritage and has re-established its heritage committee, as originally intended, with the same role and an updated terms of reference; and,

Whereas the Town is very fortunate to have hard-working, conscientious, dedicated and creative employees in all departments.

Therefore be it resolved that the Council of the Town of Grimsby commits to taking the steps necessary to ensure it provides its employees with a workplace free of harassment and bullying; and,

Be it further resolved that the Council of the Town of Grimsby receives Report TM-17-13 and directs that this resolution be posted to the Town’s website and social media along with a link to Report TM-17-13 so that the reasons why the heritage committee was dissolved are made known to the public.

Brandt, Town Manager

pdf Reasons for Dissolving the Town's Heritage Committee

2017 Final Tax Billing


The 2017 Final tax bills for all tax classes have been mailed to interested parties as shown on the Assessment Roll.  Please contact the tax office at 905-945-9634 if you have not received your tax bill.  Failure to receive a bill does not excuse the payment of taxes.    

Payments can be made at most financial institutions or by telephone and internet banking. Installments can also be paid by postdated cheques provided the taxes are paid by the regular due dates. A night depository is available at the front entrance of Town Hall for cheque payments only.

No credit card payments are accepted at Town Hall. Please visit our website http://www.grimsby.ca/Finance/payment-options.html for further details on credit card payments.   

Please ensure that your payment reaches us on or before the due dates indicated.   The taxpayer is responsible for the late arrival of payment.  Penalties of 1¼% are added on the first day of default and on the first day of each month following.  Penalties cannot be waived.

Update: Downtown Grimsby Fire

Update: Downtown Grimsby Fire
Town of Grimsby
Monday, July 10, 2017

The south side of Main Street from Elm Street to Ontario Street will remain closed for at least another week. All other roads that were closed due to the fire are now open. Events in the downtown such as Happening at the Forty and Farmers’ Market are pending decisions by Niagara Region.

Final structural engineering reports are pending and should be ready by end of the week and will be followed up with a demolition strategy. Affected residences and businesses are reminded to contact their insurance agents regarding any damages and issues.

While it is appreciated, the Town is not accepting donations. Special thanks are owed to the emergency responders, Emergency Operations Centre behind the scenes, and to the locals and businesses who donated food and water during this fire.

Media Release #5: Downtown Grimsby Fire


Town of Grimsby, Friday, July 7, 2017, 4:30 pm

      After 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 6, 2017, a major fire ignited in downtown Grimsby, at the southwest corner of Elm Street and Main Street East which Firefighters from the Towns of Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln were continuing to fight into early Friday morning. The fire caused extensive damage to a number of businesses and apartments.

On Friday morning two debriefings were held for residential and business owners respectively who were impacted by the fire were held in the Council Chambers, Grimsby Town Hall, 160 Livingston Avenue, Grimsby. The meetings were an opportunity for residents and businesses in the area to ask questions relating to the situations they were dealing with regarding the fire. Both were well attended, extra seating needed to be added for the meeting held for businesses. Commercial and residential tenants and property owners impacted by the fire who were unable to attend the debriefings are requested to contact the main switchboard of the town of Grimsby at 905-309-2005 to leave their contact information so that they may receive any further updates from the Town.

The Fire Marshal has completed their investigation onsite; however, the final report will not be available until results of tests are returned and evidence examined. The structural engineers have completed their site investigation and although the final report remains pending it has been established that the buildings are not safe to enter. The properties have been barricaded to prevent unlawful entry and for the protection of the public. The properties have been released to the property owners. The Municipality facilitated a coordinated meeting of owners and insurers as initial attempt to encourage an expedited resolution in the interest of all.

At this time much of the downtown has been reopened with the following roadway restrictions as established by the Niagara Regional Police:

  • Main St. E. (eastbound lane only) closed between Ontario and Elm St.
  • No access to Elm St. from Main St.
Nearby residents and building occupants are reminded to contact their insurance companies if smoke has affected their units. Anyone affected by the fire can also call 211 for information.

While more updates may be provided at some point, this is the last of the regular media releases on this matter.

Movie Night Cancelled

Tonights movie in Coronation Park has been cancelled.  The forecast for this evening is rain and thunderstorms, and wet park conditons are not favourabel for the movie.    We apologize for the dissapointment, but we are pleased to say that there are 2 upcoming movie nights schedule for August - watch our social media pages for updates.

Upcoming Events