Science at the Library!


Lets Talk Science
Register (20 spots each) Wednesdays @ 2 PM

45 - 60 minutes each Lounge / Ages vary
Free, hands-on Let's Talk Science programs are provided by science students at McMaster University. Please note that grade levels indicated refer to the grade completed in June.


 Visit the Library or call 905.945.5142 to register.




Quicksand & Lava Lamps

Wednesday, July 11

Grade 2+ 

Make quicksand and explore non-Newtonian fluid. Make an oil & water lava lamp, too!


Science of Yoga & Taste

Wednesday, July 18

Grade 5+

Test Investigate muscle contractions, equilibrium and flexibility through yoga poses. Then explore the relationship between your senses when it comes to taste.


Toothbrush Robots & Magic Milk

Wednesday, July 25

Grade 3+

How does a robot move? Build a robot on a toothbrush to find out. Create a work of art using the water-loving and water-fearing properties of molecules.





Brain Architecture & Egg in a Bottle

Wednesday, August 1

Grade 2+

Explore how happy and sad feelings influence brain development. Can you fit a whole egg in a bottle? Then learn about thermodynamics, pressure and air properties.


The Crayon Rock Cycle

Wednesday, August 8

Grade 4+

Follow the rock cycle and transform your crayons into metamorphic and igneous crayon rocks. Rock on!


Pulleys & Dancing Raisins

Wednesday, August 15

Grade 2+ 

Who can invent the most efficient pulley system? The race is on to become a pulley entrepreneur! What makes a raisin dance? Is it funky music or carbonation?













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