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Site Plan Agreements

Pursuant to Section 41 of the Planning Act, the Town of Grimsby passed By-law 86-8,  to designate the whole of the Town of Grimsby as an area of site plan control.  All classes of development are subject to site plan control under By-law 86-8, as amended, with the exception of Agricultural buildings and structures, save and except greenhouses and help houses.

Authority to approve site plans for certain minor forms of development have been delegated to the Town's Chief Building Official (single, semi detached, duplex dwellings, and additions thereto) or Planning Director (site changes, minor additions and modifications, and street townhouses).

The staff Site Plan Review Committee consists of staff from the following departments, Planning, Building, Public Works, Fire and Grimsby Power Inc. who provide recommendations to ensure development is in compliance with Town zoning and development standards, and is safe, functional and maintains a high standard of design, efficiency and appropriate servicing.

To obtain a copy of the site plan agreement application please click here
pdf Application for Site Plan Approval revised October 2017


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