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Dog Regulations

A pdf By law to Regulate Animal Care and Control  in the Town of Grimsby provides for the licensing, control and regulation of dogs. The Town of Grimsby has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for dogs that are not licenced.  Enforcement of this by-law has been contracted to the Lincoln County Humane Society, phone 1-800-263-2469. Officers patrol the Town on a regular basis and are empowered to issue fines for offences under the by-law.  You will be charged $100 under Section 21.9(a) of the Provincial Offences Act, Town of Grimsby By-law 10-06. 

Leashing Requirement
Dogs are required to be leashed when not on the property of the owner. The Town is patrolled on a regular basis by officers of the Lincoln County Humane Society who will impound any dog found to be running at large.

Dangerous Dogs
Dogs that have bitten or attacked a person or animal without provocation may be deemed to be dangerous dogs.  Owners of dogs that have been determined to be dangerous under the by-law are required to take steps to prevent such attacks, including but not limited to muzzling, tethering, pen confinement, display of dangerous dog sign.

Animal Waste
Every owner of a dog shall immediately remove any feces left by the dog in any place other than the premises of the owner and dispose of it in a proper waste receptacle. 

Number of Dogs Restricted
No more than 3 dogs over the age of 10 weeks may be kept on any premises unless grandfathered under the by-law.

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