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Southward Community Park

The Southward Community Recreation and Sports Park is anticipated to open in the summer of 2017.  This project has been considered a community priority since 2006.  This park will be a place for play, a place for sports, a place to enjoy nature, a place for fitness - a place that all citizens can enjoy and take pride in.

We will be posting project developments here, and also on our Town of Grimsby facebook page. 

November 2016:
The park is coming along well and is on track to be opened in May of 2017 for sports field use.  All of the sports fields are in and have grass growing.  The parking lots are paved, and the community building is nearing completion.  The trail surrounding the park has been prepared as well.  Check out these aerial photos of the park, taken in November 2016.

Southward Park Update - photos - Nov 2016

November 2015:
Currently the park fields are having the irrigation systems completed, and the grass is starting to grow.  During the winter months construction on the community building will take place as well.  Last month the park was part of TD tree planting days and 110 trees were planted in the park by a group of community volunteers.
pdf Southward Park Update - Nov 20 2015
November 2014: 
PDF: pdf Southward Park construction update - Nov 2014  
Stay tuned for further updates in the Spring!

Common Questions:

Where will the park be located?
The address of the park will be 84 Mud Street West, Grimsby.
pdf Sports Park - Location Map

Why did you choose a location on top of the escarpment?
Staff spent considerable time evaluating land options for the park.  There were 2 primary limiting factors for acquiring a location below the escarpment.  The acreage required for the park is considerable and the Greenbelt Act limited options for development below the escarpment.

What is the background of the name choice?

The park name includes Southward in acknowledgement of the original land owners.

How do we provide input and comments?
Please email all comments to the Director of Recreation, Facilities and Culture, Bruce Atkinson.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is happening to the other existing fields?
Currently the Town of Grimsby uses a mix of municipally owned fields and school board property.  At this time there are no plans to sell or discontinue the use of any fields.

video Sportspark Video of Concept Proposal

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