Overdrive FAQ


1. How many items can I borrow at one time?

You can borrow 10 items at a time on your account. On the first of every month, you get 8 fresh borrows, even if you already have other items checked out.

2. How long can I borrow each item?

Ebooks = 2 weeks
Audio books = 2 weeks

3. Do I need to return items?

Nope! The items checked out on your OverDrive account automatically return after their due dates. No late fees attached.

4. But what if I'm not finished reading/listening to my item?

No problem, you can borrow it again if there is no one on the wait list for it. If you can't borrow it again right away, put yourself on the waitlist and you'll be notified when it's ready to read/listen to.

5. What eReaders can I use with OverDrive?

There are a ton of different devices you can enjoy using your OverDrive eBooks. For a full list go to OverDrive Help

6. Can I use OverDrive on my phone or tablet instead?

Yes! In fact, OverDrive is easiest to use on a phone or tablet because you can use the OverDrive App to read or listen to your items.

7. What is the OverDrive App? How do I get it?

The OverDrive App is an application  install on your phone or tablet that allows you to to read or listen to the items you have borrowed. You can find the app in your device's app store, and install for free. Once you have installed the app, find it on your device and tap to open. Enter your Library and Library card number to get started. 

8. Can I use the OverDrive App on my eReader?

The only eReader that can use the OverDrive App is the Kindle Fire, Fire HD, or Fire HDX. All others require that you use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the items you've checked out from your computer to your eReader.


9. How do I use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer OverDrive items to my eReader?

Coming soon.




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