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The Grimsby Museum features three exhibition galleries. The Woolverton Gallery and Gallery at the Forty have displays on the history of Grimsby.

The Florence E. Martin Gallery is used for temporary and travelling exhibitions.

Exhibitions are featured throughout the year.


The Underground Railroad Final 3
Secrets of the Underground Railroad explores the history of slavery in North America, and tells the story of one slave’s journey to freedom in Canada. It explores the local significance of slavery and its effect on community, and features conductors and supporters, such as Harriet Tubman and Elias Smith Adams, whose actions ultimately contributed to the abolishment of slavery in the 19th Century; as well as the hardships faced by runaway slaves and those aiding them in their flight to freedom. The Grimsby Museum invites guests to walk through history, to learn and discover from a new perspective as the experience of one man’s life, and the secrets of the Underground Railroad, are revealed. The exhibit will be featured in The Woolverton Gallery from February to April, 2017.

Hockey Night In Grimsby Website
Hockey Night in Grimsby–The Montreal Canadiens and the Grimsby Arena is an in-house exhibit celebrating The Montreal Canadiens as icons, pioneers, and a taste of Canada’s history itself; as well as featuring the old Grimsby Arena and it’s significance in the community. Highlights of the exhibit introduce visitors to “1920s Style Hockey” and the NHL’s “Original Six”, the history of the Stanley Cup, as well as featuring key players with especial connections to Grimsby. The visuals, archives, and artefacts on display showcase Grimsby and the Grimsby Arena as being a “home” for The Montreal Canadiens and other iconic teams, as well as hosting the Canadian Olympic Team of 1923, and as being a scene of World Championship in 1924. The exhibit will be featured in The Florence E. Martin Gallery from February to April, 2017.


A selection of the Grimsby Museum's collection is available to browse online! Visit the Online Collections Database to explore the archive!


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