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The Grimsby Public Library offers a full range of computer, Internet, and printing services. All of these services are FREE to use and most do not require a library card. Please feel free to visit and use them any time the Library is open.





Computer Lab

The Grimsby Public Library has 15 computers available to the public with Internet access and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel. The Internet is free at the library. All the Library's public computers use a reservation management system to make sure that everyone has fair access to library computers. This means that you can use a computer for up to 2 hours every day, if one is available.

computer 154114 1280Here's what you need to know about using Public Access Computers:

  • You do not need a Library card or Guest Pass to sign in. Just login with your last name. If you have difficulties logging in, please ask staff for help.
  • The computer automatically locks after ten minutes of inactivity. It will stay locked for five more minutes, then the session will end unless activity resumes.
  • All information, saved or not, is lost when a session ends, including your Internet search history.
  • You must click agree to the Library's  pdf Technology and Internet Use Policy  to connect to the Library's network.

**If you have any problems using a library computer, please ask for help at the Library Service Desk.    





Computer Printing:


Black & white printing: $0.20 per page. 

Colour printing: $0.50 per page.

How to print:

1. The material you wish to print must be sent to the Library Service desk before it is
    released. This can be done by selecting "print" on the webpage/program you are using.

2. The computer will then let you know the price of the print job. Press "Ok" and then "Ok"
    again when it gives you the confirmation. This will send your print job to the Library
    Service Desk.

3. Approach the desk and the clerk will confirm which print job is yours and the cost of the

4. After payment is complete, the clerk at the desk will then send your material to the
in the computer lab







The Grimsby Public Library has 10 Chromebooks that you can check out when you visit the Grimsby Public Library. All you need is your Library card to use one for up to 2 hours. Use it to browse, play, or work anywhere in the Library.

Just approach the Library Service desk, ask to check one out, and roam free! 





Wi-Fi Service

The Grimsby Public Library has FREE Wi-Fi access throughout the library if you bring your own laptop, tablet or phone. This is handy for patrons who like to work or study at the library but do not want to be tied to the computer lab to do so. Please ask at the Library Service desk if you need help connecting to our network.

Connect to network: GPL

Enter password: Love2read!

wifi 798313 1280Things to know about our WiFi:

Users of the wireless Internet service are bound by the terms of Grimsby Public Library's  pdf Code of Conduct  and pdf Technology and Internet Use Policy  . The Library's wireless access points are unsecured connections to the Internet. The Library is not responsible for data transmitted or loss of information over the wireless network. Users should be aware that third parties may be able to obtain information about users' activities when using the wireless service to connect to the Internet. The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of on-line transactions.

Wireless users are responsible for the protection of their devices from viruses, spyware and spam.The Library is not responsible for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations.The Library provides basic instructions on how to connect to the network but is not able to provide technical assistance.Printing is not currently available from the wireless connection.








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