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The Grimsby Public Library has four different book club programs and/or services for your convenience: 


This Spring at the Library...


Book Clubs @ the GPL

Welcome to Book Clubs @ the GPL, we have great reads lined up for the winter season. 
Register today at the GPL to share these great books with other keen readers.

Book Clubs @ the GPL last all thoughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring,
with a short break in July and August.

language of flowers     emancipationday   andthentherewerenuns
   Tuesday, March 3
1:00 PM
  Tuesday, April 7
1:00 PM 
  Tuesday, May 5
1:00 PM

treegrows   Still Alice   malala
  Tuesday, March 17
1:30 PM
  Tuesday, April 21
1:30 PM 
  Tuesday, May 19
1:30 PM



Book Club in a Bag

Sign out 10 copies of 1 book for your book club.

Does your book group have trouble finding enough copies of a book for all of your members? Well the Grimsby Public Library has a new collection just for you. Your book club can now borrow multiple copies of one book together in a Book Club in a Bag set.

Instructions for requesting a Book Club in a Bag:

  1. Choose a title from the Available Book Club in a Bag Titles list below.
  2. Next, check the Availabilty Calendars (also below) to see if the title you have selected is available for the dates you need the bag.

  3. Once you settle on a title and available date, submit an request via the online booking form.

  4. A Library staff member will contact you to confirm your booking and answer any questions you may have.




Availability Calendars:

                  1. January - July 2015 Availability Calendar

                2. August - December 2015 Availability Calendar

                3. January - July 2016 Availability Calendar 

Use the online booking form to request a Book Club in a Bag. 

Available Book Club in a Bag Titles:



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Book Club Bag?
A book club bag consists of 10 copies of a book in an easy to carry cloth tote bag.

Who can borrow Book Club Bags?
Book club sets can be borrowed by any local book club. The Book Club Bag will be checked out on the Grimsby Public Library card of the person picking up the bag. That person assumes responsibility for the bag and its contents.

Where can I pick up Book Club Bags?
Book Club Bags will be held behind the Check Out desk at the Library.

How long may I keep a Book Club Bag?
The loan period for a Book Club Bag is 6 weeks. The return date will be set when you reserve your Book Club Bag and it must be returned by that date regardless of when you pick it up. It is important to return all books in a Book Club Bag on time as other book clubs may have reserved them.

Can I renew a Book Club Bag?
No. Book Club Bags cannot be renewed in order to ensure that the set is available for use by other book clubs.

Where can I return Book Club Bags?
Book Club Bags must be returned to the Check Out Desk. Book Club Bags MUST NOT be put into the Bookdrop.

What is the late charge for books in a Book Club Set?
The late charge is 20 cents per day per book.

What is the charge if one of the books is missing?
A flat rate of $15.00 will be charged for each missing item.  


 Grimsby Author Series Book Clubs (fall/winter)



The GPL is pleased to be partnering with Station 1 Coffeehouse
to offer a brand new book club featuring a selection of titles from
the 2014/15 Grimsby Author Series. Six evening book club
will provide readers with a great opportunity to discuss
some of the Canadian titles highlighted by the series.

Each meeting will take place at Station 1 Coffeehouse, located at
28 Main Street East in Grimsby. Those interested in participating
can register at the Library. At least 10 copies of each title will be
available to be borrowed by book club participants.

Coffee, conversation and books are a great mix, so don’t miss out. 
Intrigued?  Learn more under Author Series Events



Patio Reads Book Clubs (spring/summer) 

patio reads



Coming This Fall...


Death... Something to Talk About 


How it works:

In the fall, these books will become Book Club in a Bag sets. This means, like the rest of that collection, that the 10 copies of each book will be available to book clubs to check out for 6 weeks. Keep an eye out on this page and on the Availability Calendars above to find out when you can book them.









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