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Grimsby Mountain Cemetery

Cemetery Notice

Please be advised that all ornaments, decorations, plants, and other personal items placed in the cremation sections of Grimsby Mountain Cemetery must be removed prior to October 1, 2014.

As per Grimsby Mountain Cemetery By-Law 12-62, Section 8(c):

"Private plantings or the placement of any other items at the grave site of any nature are prohibited in any area of the cemetery set aside for the interment of cremated remains.”

Any items that have not been removed by October 1, 2014 will be collected by the Town and kept for thirty (30) days. If you wish to retrieve any articles removed, you may call 905-945-9201 to make an appointment.

Your co-operation in helping us to maintain the beauty and dignity of the cemetery is appreciated


R. LeRoux, P. Eng.
Director of Public Works


Grimsby Mountain Cemetery

Located at the corner of Mountain and Elm Tree Roads, Mountain Cemetery was opened in 1998. The site comprises a total of 32.5 acres purchased for a price of $294,210, and is expected to meet the needs of Grimsby residents well into the future.

Click here  for Grimsby Mountain Cemetery By-Law. 

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