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Emergency Preparedness

 72 hours... Is Your Family Prepared?

Natural disasters may be beyond our control, but there are ways to reduce the risk and the impact of whatever emergency we might face - whether natural or human-induced.

Emergency Preparedness encourages Canadians to be prepared to cope on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency while rescue workers help those in urgent need.

By taking a few simple steps, you can become better prepared to face a range of emergencies – anytime, anywhere. It is important to:

    • Know the risksAlthough the consequences of disasters can be similar, knowing the risks specific to our community and our region can help you better prepare
    • Make a planIt will help you and your family know what to do.

Please review the attached  pdf 72 Hours Emergency Preparedness Guide  and visit www.GetPrepared.ca  for more resources to help you and your family prepare for all types of emergencies. 

You are encouraged you to take concrete actions to be better prepared. Please do your part! Experience has shown that individual preparedness goes a long way to help people cope better - both during and after a major disaster. Get an emergency kit now - it can make a world of difference.

Please help spread the importance of emergency preparedness by sharing this information with family and friends.  If you have any questions regarding emergency preparedness please feel free to contact any one of your Community Emergency Management Coordinators at 905-945-2113.

Be prepared, not scared!

Preparing for the unexpected


Canadians have faced many emergency situations in the past, from floods to ice storms, to power outages. Are you prepared?

Click here to watch "Emergency Survival Kit" video

For more info log onto http://www.emergencymanagementontario.ca/english/home.html

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