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Property Tax


If you are currently enrolled in our monthly pre-authorized payment plan, please note your new monthly amount will be reflected with the June payment.  Your revised amount will be noted on your bill.  Due to the mailing date of the bills, your June payment will be withdrawn on June 23, 2016.
If your account is currently in arrears, the July penalty will not be reflected on this bill. Your outstanding balance will be listed as of the bill print date. Please note your account will be updated with penalty as of July 1, 2016.
For further information, please contact the Tax Department at 905-945-9634 or at www.grimsby.ca

(Residential / Farmland and Commercial / Industrial / Multi-Residential)
(Residential / Farmland and Commercial / Industrial / Multi-Residential)
(Residential / Farmland)
(Residential / Farmland and Commercial / Industrial / Multi-Residential)


Please be advised that the 2016 Final Residential & Farm tax bills have been mailed out early to avoid a potential postal strike.  There will be no changes in the due dates of August 5, 2016 and October 7, 2016.  Properties with Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential assessment will receive final bills in September 2016 with one installment due October 7, 2016. If you do not receive a tax bill please contact the tax department at 905-945-9634 for further information.  Failure to receive a bill does not excuse the payment of taxes.

Payments can be made at Town Hall, most financial institutions or by telephone and internet banking. Installments can also be paid by postdated cheques provided the taxes are paid by the regular due dates. Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted, on line or by phone only, with a convenience fee https://ipn.paymentus.com/otp/stde/grm. No credit card payments are accepted at Town Hall. 
A night depository is available at the front entrance of Town Hall for cheque payments only. 

Please ensure that your payment reaches us on or before the due date.   The taxpayer is responsible for the late arrival of payment. Penalties of 1 ¼% are added on the first day of default and on the first day of each month following. Penalties cannot be waived.


The Interim Tax billing will be prepared and mailed mid February, with two installments due the first Friday in March and May.  The taxes for this billing are based on the previous year’s taxes.

The Final Tax billing will be prepared and mailed mid July for the Residential and Farmland classes only.  There are two installments due the first Friday in August and October.  The taxes for this billing reflect the current year’s budget requirements of the Municipality, Region and School Boards.

The Final Tax billing for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential classes are prepared and mailed mid September with only one installment due the first Friday in October.  These billings are delayed to accommodate calculations under the mandatory Capping Legislation.

Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential Tax Mitigation Measures
On May 19, 2016, Regional Council approved the 2016 tax capping policy utilizing the new options available. which includes opting to phase-out the capping program for eligible property classes (multi-residential and industrial), over four years.  For further information go to http://niagararegion.ca/government/budget-taxes/tax-capping.aspx

A Supplemental tax bill may be issued when there is an increase in the value of your property, an addition to the property, the construction of a swimming pool, the construction of a new building or a change in classification.  The change can be backdated to the date the change occurred, to a maximum of three (3) years.  Supplemental taxes are billed in addition to any other billing that you may receive during the year.  The due date for a Supplemental billing may be anytime during the year, made payable in one installment and may be due with as little as three (3) weeks notice.

You will only receive a supplemental tax bill once the property has been assessed by MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) http://www.mpac.ca/sites/default/files/imce/pdf/mpac_homebuyers_brochure.pdf and once that information has been forwarded to the Town of Grimsby.  There is no exact time-frame with this process.

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