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Education Mandate of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is focused on creating unique, relevant and educational programming both for the larger community and for our artist community. It is our goal to create a sense that art is for everyone and is pertinent in the lives of our community members. Art is integral to the overall well-being and vitality of any community and this is highlighted through our programming. It is the long term plan of the Education Coordinator to develop a sense that the art gallery is indeed an important part of the community and as such services children, adults and seniors in its attempts to nurture public appreciation and knowledge of art.

School tours are organized in conjunction with exhibitions (which change every 4 to 6 weeks) and are connected to elements of the Ontario curriculum. A tour involves visiting the gallery where a trained tour guide and/ or the Education, Media and Programming Coordinator will discuss the show with the students, guiding them in critical and creative thinking. After the tour aspect is complete the students then have an activity booklet they do which includes 4-6 drawing activities as well as a scavenger hunt or language / other curriculum activity. I also provide an evaluation copy for teachers to bring back to school with them. The cost of this program is $3 per student which helps cover our costs. For an additional $1 per student an art project relative to the current exhibition can be requested.

We are pleased to announce that we have received funding courtesy of the Niagara Community Foundation to make Virtual Exhibitionsan official program at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.  The program brings the gallery tour directly in to the classroom via photographic exhibition documentation and a projector.  Schools that cannot travel to our facility will now have the option of a similar tour experience in the comfort of their own classrooms.

The potential for more involved workshops for adults, children and school tours is one of the visions that accompany our new building.

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