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Application Information

Applications for permits are reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, Grimsby's Zoning By-Law, other applicable laws and municipal regulations.
Two copies of all plans, drawings and documents shall be submitted with each completed permit application along with the applicable fee. Please refer to the Consolidated Fees & Charges By-law pdf (Building Fees) for appropriate fee.
Although a building permit may not be required, compliance with the requirements of the Grimsby Zoning By-Law must be maintained. 
All permit applications shall include a Schedule 1:Designer Information Sheet. Any individual other than the homeowner who has prepared drawings for an application and is taking responsibility for the designs must be qualified and possess a Building Code Identification Number (B.C.I.N.). Architects and Engineers are exempt from these qualifications as they are qualified and registered by the own Associations.
Depending on the nature of your project the following permits, approvals and documentation, as applicable, may also be required at time of submission:

  • septic tank permit from the Niagara Region Public Works Department, where sewers are not available
  • sewer connection permit from the Town of Grimsby Public Works Department
  • water connection permit from the Town of Grimsby Public Works Department,where municipal water is available
  • entrance or access permit from the appropriate road authority (Town, Region, Ministry of Transportation & Communications)
  • land use permit from the Ministry of Transportation & Communications for all land within 45m of the Q.E.W. or Service Roads
  • development permit for lands under the jurisdiction of the Niagara Escarpment Commission (232 Guelph Street, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4B1  1-905-877-5191)
  • registration by Tarion (New Home Warranty Program) of any builder of dwelling units for re-sale, the Tarion registration number must be shown on the application


Application for a Permit to Construct

A building permit is required to erect, install extend, alter or repair a building. Some examples are:

  • new construction
  • additions/alterations/renovations
  • carports, garages
  • sheds-greater than 10 square meters (108 sq ft)
  • change of use
  • decks-greater than 600 mm (23 5/8 ") above ground
  • prefabricated structures

Applications are available at Town Hall or download here pdf Permit Application to Construct .

Read more: Application for a Permit to Construct

Pool Application

A pool is defined as a privately owned outdoor pool of water for swimming, bathing or wading which is capable of retaining a water depth equal or greater than 600mm (23 5/8") at any point. The permit fee for both above or in-ground pools is $135.03. A deposit of $250.00 is also required for an in-ground pool which is refunded, subject to any deductions for damage to Town property, non-compliance to grading and landscaping to Town requirements. Applications are available at Town Hall or download here pdf Pool Permit Application.
It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that no person fills the pool with water until the pool fence enclosure has been erected according to the pdf Pool By-Law 08-59   and has been inspected to the satisfaction of the Town of Grimsby.

Plumbing/Sewer Permit Application

A permit is required to install any new plumbing or alter existing plumbing. 
If a sewer pipe needs to be replaced on private property it is the owners responsiblity to arrange for a permit and for all costs associated with the work. If the sewer pipe on Town property also requires replacement, the work will be undertaken by the Town at no cost to the owner.
Private sewage systems, approvals and inspections, must be completed by Niagara Region Public Works Department.
Applications are available at Town Hall or download here pdf Plumbing/Sewer Permit .

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