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Coffee, conversation and books.
The GPL is pleased to offer a book club featuring a selection of titles from the Grimsby Author Series. These evening book club meetings will provide readers with a great opportunity to discuss some of the Canadian titles highlighted by the series.
 Those interested in participating can register at the Library. At least 10 copies
of each title will be available to be borrowed by book club participants.
2017-18 SEASON

*Books and dates subject to change - keep checking back!
Glenn Dixon juliets answer
Juliet's Answer by Glenn Dixon
Wednesday, October 18 | 7 PM
Register & check out a copy of the book starting
Wednesday, September 6
 In fair Verona where we lay our scene… In fair Verona where we lay our scene… When Glenn Dixon is spurned by love, he does something unusual. He travels to Verona, Italy, to become a scribe of Juliet, Shakespeare’s fictional character, all in an attempt to understand his heartbreak. Once there, he volunteers to answer the thousands of letters that arrive addressed to Juliet, letters sent from lovelorn people all over the world who long to understand the mysteries of the human heart. (272 pgs.)
Alison Pick strangers with the same dream 
Strangers with the Same Dream by Alison Pick
Wednesday, November 15 | 7 PM
Register & check out a copy of the book starting
Wednesday, October 4.
Writing with tightly controlled intensity, Alison Pick takes us inside the minds of her vastly different characters--two young unmarried women, one plain and one beautiful, escaping peril in Russia and Europe; one older man, a charismatic group leader who is married with two children; and his wife, Hannah, who understands all too well the dark side of "equality"--to show us how idealism quickly tumbles into pragmatism, and how the utopian dream is punctured by messy human entanglements. (384 pgs.)
Elan Mastai All Our Wrong Todays
All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai
Wednesday, January 10 | 7 PM
Register & check out a copy of the book starting
Wednesday, November 29.
It’s 2016, and in Tom Barren’s world, technology has solved all of humanity’s problems—there’s no war, no poverty, no under-ripe avocadoes. Unfortunately, Tom isn’t happy. He’s lost the girl of his dreams. And what do you do when you’re heartbroken and have a time machine? Something stupid. (384 pgs.)
giles blunt blackfly season
Blackfly Season by Giles Blunt
Wednesday, February 7 | 7 PM
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Wednesday, December 27
 It's spring in Algonquin Bay and the blackflies aren't the only ones out for blood. Detectives John Cardinal and Lise Delorme have a strange case on their hands: a young woman who has wandered out of the bush with a gunshot wound to the head and complete memory loss. Cardinal becomes obsessed with discovering her identity and who is trying to kill her. When the body of a local biker is found in a cave, it seems the two cases are related — and the link appears to be a self-proclaimed shaman who calls himself Red Bear. (448 pgs.)
jennifer robson goodnight from london
Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson
Wednesday, April 18 | 7 PM
Register & check out a copy of the book starting
Wednesday, March 7.
 In the summer of 1940, ambitious young American journalist Ruby Sutton gets her big break: the chance to report on the European war as a staff writer for Picture Weekly news magazine in London. She jumps at the chance, for it's an opportunity not only to prove herself, but also to start fresh in a city and country that know nothing of her humble origins. But life in besieged Britain tests Ruby in ways she never imagined. (400 pgs.)
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announcements and possible changes or cancellations.





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