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August 12 - September 24
Opening Reception: Friday, August 11: 7pm-9pm


Carleigh Baker, Writer (Vancouver)
Calder Cheverie, Director (Vancouver)
Aurora Darwin, Glass Art (Toronto)
Callan Field, Photographer (Toronto)
Katie Green, Visual Artist (Calgary)
Daniel Kirk, Visual Artist (Calgary)
Anthony Wallace, Composer & Sound Artist (Toronto)

The Peel is a multi-layered project bringing together film, art and science as a means of telling a unique story of art, adventure and Canadian identity. The Peel highlights the landscape, culture and wildlife of the Peel River Watershed (PRW) in Yukon/Northwest territories. This watershed is one of the last undeveloped watersheds left in Canada, spanning nearly 68,000km of intact arctic wilderness. Because of its remoteness, the PRW remains one of the most striking mountain river ecosystems in North America and an important cultural heart for many First Nations in Yukon and Northwest Territories.

In January 2014 almost 3/4s of this unique area was opened for economic development related to mining and oil exploration. This decision inspired Calder Cheverie, a photographer and outdoor educator currently based in Vancouver, to guide a group of six writers, musicians, and visual artists from across Canada through the region. They travelled through the PRW by canoe, interacting with the land and its inhabitants, on a voyage of physical, spiritual and personal exploration. The participants were inspired collectively and individually to produce the astounding body of work that forms the present exhibition, as well as the documentary film, The Peel.

The GPAG is proud to feature the work of Grimsby natives Calder Cheverie and Anthony Wallace, composer and musician, along with that of their fellow travelers and colleagues from across the country, in this inspirational addition to our Canada 150 programming.



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